Policy Thrust

Policy One

To channel all available resources to provide Delta State with adequate, sustainable, affordable, comfortable and safe transportation services in all modes as well as provide Mechanical Engineering/Marine Services to Deltans in general.

Policy Two

To promote general Mechanical/Marine Engineering practices in the execution of State policies and programmes and the provision of equipment support services as well as engineering practices relevant to the transportation industry for rapid development and improvement of transport infrastructure for the benefits of the citizens.

Policy Three

The Directorate is responsible for the design supervision and administration of traffic control services, Inter-city/Intra-city transportation and water craft services.


Policy Four

Directorate is to ensure effective management, control of road traffic policies, safety of lives and property on our roads as well as harnessing of revenue accruing from motor vehicle related transactions and taxation.


Policy Five

To provide transportation infrastructure such as Jetties, Buoys, Pillars, Terminals and Shop Shelter, Lay-bays, Harbour, etc.


Policy Six

To evolve active strategies for the channelization and dredging of Inland waterways routes in order to provide easy access to the Riverine Communities in the State.


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